Televisual awards nomination for growing up down’s

Voting is now open for the 2015 Televisual Bulldog Awards. Maverick Television and Dartmouth Films’ Growing Up Down’s is nominated for Best Single Documentary – you can vote for all the winners on the Bulldogs website.

In a film that aims to redefine perceptions and explode the myths about Down’s Syndrome, Growing Up Down’s follows the incredible journey of a theatre group of young adults with Down’s as they put together a touring production of Hamlet.

Filmed both inside and outside the rehearsal room over eighteen months, we see each actor face big challenges in their personal lives that affect their relationship with the group and their work on the play. From finding love to helping troubled friends, from body image to choosing role models, from coming to terms with who they are to living independently, the actors confront issues that all young adults face on the path to maturity.

However, in this film they are experienced by people with one of the most widely recognised, yet least understood, learning disabilities. The film is produced, directed and filmed by Will Jessop. Will is the brother of Tommy Jessop, the actor playing Hamlet.

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