Reverse the odds wins midlands rts

Our groundbreaking mobile game ‘Reverse the Odds’ that allows players to help beat cancer whilst rebuilding the world of a loveable race of creatures, has picked up another award, this time scooping ‘Best Digital Innovation/Digital Creativity’ at the RTS Midlands awards.

Digital Executive Producer Kirsty Lord said “It’s fantastic to see Reverse the Odds pick up yet another award, it’s credit to how we can use digital games and apps to help engage audiences to the benefit of the health sector and it’s a proud moment to see it doing so well”​  Congratulations to the Digital Team and all those involved, with special thanks to Clare, Alex and Helen.

Reverse The Odds is a free puzzle game where each level you play helps in the fight against cancer. Developed by Maverick and Chunk Digital for Channel 4, the game is a partnership with Cancer Research UK and Zooniverse.

Available for App StoreGoogle Play and Amazon App Store, the game is aimed at casual players of all ages. In playing the game every user aids in the work of Cancer Research UK by analysing real cancer slides as they progress through the game story. The more people play the game, and the longer they play for, the more Cancer Research UK’s scientists are helped.

The game story tells of a girl who cares for a magical world populated by tiny creatures called “The Odds”. But when the girl becomes too tired, the creatures and the world become grey and lifeless, so she enlists the help of players around the world to play through over 350 levels revitalising the Odds, and restoring the world from a desolate wasteland back into an amazing and colourful wonderland.

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