Embarrassing bodies: live from the clinic scoops a mind media award

Maverick’s cutting-edge live medical series ‘Embarrassing Bodies: Live From the Clinic’ has achieved recognition at the 2014 Mind Media Awards. The show won the ‘Entertainment’ category for a series of films featured within the programme which told mental health stories. During the show, doctors Dawn, Christian and Pixie then encouraged viewers to think about their own mental health and to interact with the Embarrassing Bodies ‘My Mindchecker’ app, giving the audience the opportunity to assess their own risk for each of the conditions featured in the films.  Over 2 million people went on to use the app.

The award recognised the success of the show in raising mental health awareness in a sensitive but entertaining way, informing an audience who might not naturally come to mental health programming.  The competition included The One Show and This Morning.

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