Our People

Simon Knight


Simon has been CEO of Maverick TV since 2015.
Since joining Maverick TV Simon has been responsible for growing the business with series such as:
• Chrisley Knows Best - USA,
• American Barbecue Showdown - Netflix,
• Growing Up Chrisley - E!,
• Demarcus Family Rules - Netflix,
• Inside The Ritz Hotel - ITV,
• The Elephant Hospital - C5,
• Don't Scream - BBC Three,
• 10 Years Younger in 10 Days - C5,
• How To Look Good Naked - Really,
• Embarrassing Bodies - E4,
• Escape - C4,
• Do Try This At Home - CBBC,
• Tried and Tasted - C4,
• Operation Ouch - CBBC
• Bizarre ER - E4.

Simon is growing the business from the US with a focus on Food, Docu-Follow and Transformation series.
“I have a passion for leading creative teams to deliver high quality content which is celebratory, empowering, people focussed, hugely entertaining, fun to make and fun to watch”

Helga Eike

Helga Eike

Head Of Development

Starting with Ace of Cakes (Food) in 2005, through Toddlers & Tiaras (TLC), Honey Boo Boo (TLC), Trading Spaces (TLC), Flipping Out with Jeff Lewis (Bravo), Knife Fight (Esquire), Best Thing I Ever Ate (Food), Listing Impossible (CBNC), and Red Table Talk (Facebook), Helga has spent her career seeking out compelling characters, diving into fascinating subcultures, and honing formats in search of transformative, smart, and entertaining tv that’ll make her kids proud.

She won a couple Emmy’s along the way too, which was cool.

Neville Robateau

Executive Assistant

Neville joined Maverick TV in 2022 to assist with organising the development team.